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AccPower 3000 Pro
12-01-2022 AccPower 3000 Pro 4.3 version published
New functions :
- Year End Wizard: helps the user to execute the function of Year End step by step.
- User Interface enlarged, 1024x768 required
- New version of database engine
- New version of report engine
- MS Windows version 7 to 11 supported, MS Windows XP or older version are no longer supported
- Minor bugs fixed

06-09-2018 AccPower 3000 Pro 4.2 version published
- Font size increased
- New version of database engine
- New version of report engine
- Minor bugs fixed

17-07-2014 AccPower 3000 Pro 4.1 version published
- New version of database engine
- New version of report engine
- Minor bugs fixed

02-01-2014 AccPower 3000 Pro 4.0.6 version published
- Performance is improved
- New version of report engine
- Minor bugs fixed

31-07-2013 AccPower 3000 Pro 4.0.5 version published
- New version of report engine
- Minor bugs fixed

22-03-2013 AccPower 3000 Pro 4.0.1 version published
- Minor bugs fixed

01-08-2012 AccPower 3000 Pro new version 4.0 released

New funtions :

1. Unicode supported
- All user interfaces, database system and reports support Unicode (UTF8). Different languages can be input, saved and printed simultaneously. For example, both traditional and simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean, etc, can be handled in the system without unreadable characters.
2. Insert a line in designated position
- For all transactions, user can press [Insert] key to add a new line in designated position. This new line will be saved at fixed position.
3. Adjust accounting period
- User can adjust accounting period even though there are transactions. All transactions can be kept after adjustment.
4. New database system
- New database system facilitates the speed to read and write data.
5. New report engine
- New report engine provides user
- friendly interface, convenient, speed
- up and more functions.
6. Default email system applied
- Email system defaulted by Ms Windows will be applied to email reports.

18-03-2010 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.8.1 version published
- Microsoft Windows Vista/7 64bits supported
- Minor bugs fixed

08-08-2008 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.8.0 version published
New function:
- Import/Export data of member file
- Minor bugs fixed

31-10-2007 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.7.3 version published
- Minor bugs fixed

10-04-2007 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.7.2 version published
- Capital letters in amount are added in Office Receipt when the payment record is handled in Account Receivable Payment Entry
- Microsoft Windows Vista supported
- Minor bugs fixed

13-01-2007 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.7.1 version published
New functions:
- Delete Customer's Opening Balance
- Delete Vendor's Opening Balance
- Delete Stock's Opening Balance
- New Field
- Gross Profit in Sales Invoice Detail List Report
- Minor bugs fixed

20-11-2006 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.7.0 version published
New functions:
- Remark File: the contents in the Remark File can be copied to the remark fields in all transactions just by press [. + Enter] or [. + Tab]
- Journal Remark field added in Vendor Invoice Entry
- Journal Remark field added in Purchase Return Entry
New reports:
- Stock/Customer Sales Price History Report
- Stock/Vendor Purchase Price History Report
- Customer Label, Vendor Label and Stock Label allow user to skip labels
- Customer Label, Vendor Label and Stock Label allow user to input number of copies
- Minor bugs fixed

29-07-2006 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.6.0 version published
- Report designer enhancements:
1. New XP Style interface (support themes)
2. Supports 2D bar code
- Minor bugs fixed

04-01-2006 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.5.5 version published
- Minor bugs fixed

07-09-2005 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.5.4 version published
- Improve printing speed of Stock In/Out Detail Report
- Minor bugs fixed

18-08-2005 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.5.3 version published
- Modify the order of round up for a stock's total cost to match with a stock's total amount.
- Modify the method of bill number checking to avoid duplicate bill number between different transactions.

08-08-2005 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.5.2 version published
- Customer/Stock Last Price File and Vendor/Stock Last Price File:the data will be checked by the System before saved to avoid invalid data to be saved.
- Bank Reconciliation : fix the problem of saving [Checked].

17-07-2005 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.5.1 version published
- The accounting period may be changed even though [NO] be chosen when [Delete Transactions Data] is executed.
- The transactions are ordered by transaction date and voucher number in Bank Reconciliation.
- There is an error message when user security file is imported under the function of [Import Data from Other Company/Location] executed.
- Temporary directory will be pointed to data directory when the data is to be upgraded.
- The existing RTM files will not be over
- written when the program is installed.
- No multi company files will be installed when the installation program is executed. It is to facilitate the installation program of AccPower 3000 Pro and AccPower Retailing System both be executed.
- To avoid the possibility to over write the password of Admin, Admin's information of user security file will not be imported or exported.

24-05-2005 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.5.0 version published
New functions:
- Import Data from Other Company/Location
- Export Data from Other Company/Location
- [Check Journal Transactions] in Transaction Audit
- New accounting period of 01/04/2005
- 31/03/2006 for sample data.
- User can set date range in two reports: Customer Statement and Customer Outstanding Invoice Statement
- Minor bugs fixed

24-03-2005 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.4.2 version published
- Report designer bugs fixed
- Improve reading speed of importing MS Excel file and Fixed the problem of reading Unicode MS Excel file
- Minor bugs fixed

28-02-2005 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.4.1 version published
- Add [As at] date in Customer Balance Report format
- Fixed problem: Stock Journal can't be created when the discount rate of sales invoice item is 100%

24-01-2005 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.4.0 version published
- New version of report designer:New Undo/Redo support, New Rotated Text support, New Border property for all controls, New PageBreak component for advanced control over pagination
- Minor bugs fixed

15-12-2004 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.3.1 version published
New function:
- Multi
- Stock Selection
- New uninstall option

26-10-2004 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.3.0 version published
New function:
- Add a new report: Stock In/Out Detail Report.
- Add a new search function: using Reference Number to search records in AR/AP Payment Entry.
- Speed up the functions of Copy From Sales Order or Copy From Purchase Order.

21-08-2004 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.2.1 version published
- Temporary files will be saved in a directory, named Aps3Temp, under the temporary file directory of MS Windows.
- Improve the refresh rate under multi users' environment.
- Modify some reports.

15-07-2004 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.2.0 version published
New functions:
- Add [Change Order Status] function in Sales Order entry and Purchase Order entry. It is for the user to change the status of Sales Order or Purchase Order from uncompleted to complete, vice versa.
- Only Sales Order or Purchase Order with outstanding quantities will be showed when "Copy from Sales Order or Purchase Order" function used in Sales Invoice or Vendor Invoice respectively.
- Add [Import Data from Other format File] function. User can import data from some common format files to AccPower 3000 Pro.
- New Profit & Loss Report for 12 Periods

- The definition file of Report Designer, named, will be saved in AccPower 3000 Pro's installation directory. It is to avoid the problems happened when the user of MS Windows has no rights to create or modify file in MS Windows directory.
- Display width of Stock Code and Bar Code in Stock file has been increased.
- Delivery address will be copied to Delivery Note Entry if there is a delivery address selected in Sales Invoice when "Copy from Sales Invoice" function used in Delivery Note Entry. Otherwise, customer's billing address will be copied.
- Shipped quantities in Sales Order can be larger than the quantities of Sales Order. It is to reflect the actual figures when the quantities of Sales Invoice are larger than the quantities of Sales Order. Same situation is in Purchase Order.
- Found problems were fixed.

23-04-2004 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.1.4 version published
- New functions: support 256 color mode of MS Windows

02-03-2004 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.1.3 version published
- New functions: Add capital letter function to the printout formats of Sales Invoice, Sales Return, Vendor Invoice and Purchase Return
- Modification: The data with lower version will be automatically upgraded after restored via [Restore Data] function

29-01-2004 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.1.2 version published
Bugs fixed version.

31-12-2003 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.1.1 version published
- New functions: Exchange Difference is separated into two different accounts, Exchange Difference Income and Exchange Difference Loss. The System will automatically post the exchange difference to relevant account.

16-12-2003 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.1.0 version published
- Add data interface linkage with AccPower Retailing System.
- Modify Sales Tax/Purchase Tax calculation
- Add 3 new Tax reports
- New "Restore Data" interface which is totally differentiated from "Backup Data" interface. User must point out the backup file of the source directory
- Modify the format of some reports
- Add search function in Customer/Stock Last Price File and Vendor/Stock Last Price File
- Update English help files

25-11-2003 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.0.6 version published
- Support new data export format: DBF
- Improve MS Access support in Data Export function
- Fixed "Access Violation" error when browsed Chart of Accounts in Chart of Accounts File.

03-11-2003 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.0.5 version published
- Retained earning account can be debited/credited
- Bug in using bar code reader fixed
- Daily Transaction Report can be sorted by transaction date now

11-09-2003 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.0.4 version published
- P&L report format has been modified.
- Help files of Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese has been updated.
- Some bugs has been fixed.

06-08-2003 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.0.3 version published
Bugs fixed version.

23-07-2003 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.0.2 version published
Bugs fixed version. This version will upgrade database files, please backup your data before install it.

11-07-2003 AccPower 3000 Pro 3.0.1 version published
Bugs fixed version.

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